Saturday, June 1, 2013

Heated Up

Before classes starts, why don't we put on our summer outfits for the last time? As you can see I'm really a fan of wearing Tank tops, why? easy, because they're light, easy to wear, and they really comfort me.

What I'm wearing: Tank top (Artwork) , Sneaker (Vans)

I want to wear something rugged, This is my first time wearing a cap on my outfit post.

Another thing that inspired me on this look is that I want to try something new, something common to the eyes but will still give a spark on excitement, one of my inspirations on this look is that being a skater, not just that, but a cool, street, funked, skater. 

The comfort level of tank tops is suited for my needs because normally, I intend to sweat immediately even just by light movements, plus the style of this tank top really makes me slim. 

Photos by: (Enrico Francisco