Saturday, March 23, 2013


Reminiscing again and again, at first, when I woke up early in the morning, I was just supposed to go to school to finish some requirements, after taking a bath, I was already dressed up then I waited for my friend to accompany me to school, when we reached school, the guard just said that there is no office for today. BAD LUCK for us.

But before everything turns out bad for me, I just decided to tell my dad that I'll just eat outside but then, he thought, what if we just spend our time at the mall, well, that's really a nice idea. So before leaving, I'd ask them if Christa could join us. By the way, Christa is my girlfriend. :)

Meet Christa, well it's my first time to post her picture here at my blog spot. She's my girlfriend and it's really nice seeing her joining my family to spend some quality time.

This is my family accompanied by my girlfriend, Christa. They sure look nice together. I'd just remembered, I was the one who took this picture.

Seeing Christa with my mom with those big smiles, it's really just a perfect moment.

To further enjoy this day, we decided to play a little sport name billiards, so let's role some balls shall we? 

Here are some photos while we were playing.

We were helping each other out in this photo, by the way, our opponents here were my parents. 

The eagerly look from our faces, the striking angles, means that we are really determined to win each set of balls. This was a fantastic day for me, we were all having a blast. 

Friday, March 22, 2013


To highlight my latest look, I was a bit casual on this one, I got my new brown jeans with my denim long sleeves. I really liked the combination of gray and brown. Kindly Hype this look on.

What I'm wearing: long sleeves (Wharton), pants (Penshoppe), sneaker (Penshoppe), watch (Nixon), socks (Oxygen).

The combination of brown,orange,pink and black really nailed it. I'm really fun of designed socks, specially this one, the orange polka socks.

I'm really fun of the colorways of my watch, combination of green,yellow, and dark orange really uplifted my outfit for that day.

Photos by (Chloe Wines)


It's time to party. After my graduation ceremony, we went to Blue Wave where we celebrate my accomplishment. Who said I can't party hard with this young gorgeous ladies?

Well, to further introduce them, this young ladies call themselves | PRETTY YOUNG THING| Yes, you heard me right, they're group of girls who performs every Thursday night, so those warm blooded boys out there, you really should give it a try and honestly speaking they are really nice. 

I may not know her name but for me, she's the prettiest among the group.

Hello Ms.Ava, the best vocalist among the group, she is also the co-host of Mr.Willie at Wowowee. She's so gorgeous.

Another member of the group, for me maybe the sexiest. I was shocked with this one, because, when I was about to approach her to ask for a picture, without even me asking permission, she immediately came near me and hugged me, then the picture came out like this. Well, this is a party alright. 

The last one. I may not also know her name, but base on my information, she is new to the group.

Say hello to my other two friends, namely my classmate Diego, who is wearing black, and Jhay who has the pink t-shirt. We were the once having a blast that night, drinking, eating, bonding with our families, oh boy this celebration of our graduation is surely memorable for us. 

Lastly, thanks for my mom and dad for this memorable night. Thank you for making me feel special. I love you.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Finally, the day has come for us to enjoy, cherish the memories we have, and say thanks for the efforts and sacrifices our parents had done just for us. Because yesterday was our graduation day! And for me, I will never ever forget that marvelous event. Imagine, seeing your friends that doesn't even belong to your batch just to show their support for you. I'm so flattered.

Mom and Dad, thank you, thank you so much for everything, for your patience, love, care and for everything. I know I haven't been that such a good son for the both of you, but I never cease to fail my goal in life, which is to graduate and be able to get my diploma. This one is for the two of you, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be able to go up stage and be able to get my diploma. So thank you so much and I love you!

Here are some other highlights from that night's event;

    This is Karl, my ex. Lol. Haha surprised to see her there.

   If you could just imagine the joy from these guys as we,together, have already graduated.

   Our batch, singing our school song for the last time.

    I'm with Eden here. One of the Star of the Nights of our Promenade.

   This is Aina. One of my closest friend in my school. Well, closed until... never mind the story.                                                      

Before my day ended, I said this to my parents;

"I may have disappointed you today, but I'll make it up in the future. - College "

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Before my last school year ends, I met this group of people who are really awesome, namely Pamela, Johan, Mark, Chloe, Argel, Earl, and Dane. We were having a huge blast of happiness yesterday. Imagine we were mall hoping, first our plan was to go to Lucky Chinatown Mall, then before going home, we still went to SM City Sanlazaro. Ugh, I wished I'd only met this people earlier than this.


Those guys were the best, but before I forgot, we also had this mini photo shoot during our time at Lucky Chinatown Mall.

This are my two fashion friends. Namely Pamela and Mark. This two friends of mine really stood out in their pictures. 

Even if I'm already in college, I swear to myself, that I'll never forget this group of people, I love you all. Thanks for everything. 


          Like I was saying, I am really addicted to fashion, I think it all started when I first open the website When I saw the kind of people with their own style of fashion, I was inspired and started posting my looks. Although at first I was having a hard time trying to figure out a pose, but as time pass, I didn't have a hard time anymore.

 My previous looks:

                                                                    Indirect Formality

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                                                                     Sunset Beneath





Hi, I'm Rafael Joseph R. Martinez. This is my first time creating a blog. I'm a type of guy that is all-around, meaning, I got into many things that I really want to do, for example, I like playing basketball, love dancing, and I'm addicted to fashion. Although new to this blogging business, I will sure dedicate my time to know more about it and how it actually works, I enjoy reading my friends' blog so that's why I got interested in doing my own. Just be updated for my future posts, hope you'd enjoy reading my blogs.