Saturday, March 23, 2013


Reminiscing again and again, at first, when I woke up early in the morning, I was just supposed to go to school to finish some requirements, after taking a bath, I was already dressed up then I waited for my friend to accompany me to school, when we reached school, the guard just said that there is no office for today. BAD LUCK for us.

But before everything turns out bad for me, I just decided to tell my dad that I'll just eat outside but then, he thought, what if we just spend our time at the mall, well, that's really a nice idea. So before leaving, I'd ask them if Christa could join us. By the way, Christa is my girlfriend. :)

Meet Christa, well it's my first time to post her picture here at my blog spot. She's my girlfriend and it's really nice seeing her joining my family to spend some quality time.

This is my family accompanied by my girlfriend, Christa. They sure look nice together. I'd just remembered, I was the one who took this picture.

Seeing Christa with my mom with those big smiles, it's really just a perfect moment.

To further enjoy this day, we decided to play a little sport name billiards, so let's role some balls shall we? 

Here are some photos while we were playing.

We were helping each other out in this photo, by the way, our opponents here were my parents. 

The eagerly look from our faces, the striking angles, means that we are really determined to win each set of balls. This was a fantastic day for me, we were all having a blast. 

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