Friday, March 22, 2013


It's time to party. After my graduation ceremony, we went to Blue Wave where we celebrate my accomplishment. Who said I can't party hard with this young gorgeous ladies?

Well, to further introduce them, this young ladies call themselves | PRETTY YOUNG THING| Yes, you heard me right, they're group of girls who performs every Thursday night, so those warm blooded boys out there, you really should give it a try and honestly speaking they are really nice. 

I may not know her name but for me, she's the prettiest among the group.

Hello Ms.Ava, the best vocalist among the group, she is also the co-host of Mr.Willie at Wowowee. She's so gorgeous.

Another member of the group, for me maybe the sexiest. I was shocked with this one, because, when I was about to approach her to ask for a picture, without even me asking permission, she immediately came near me and hugged me, then the picture came out like this. Well, this is a party alright. 

The last one. I may not also know her name, but base on my information, she is new to the group.

Say hello to my other two friends, namely my classmate Diego, who is wearing black, and Jhay who has the pink t-shirt. We were the once having a blast that night, drinking, eating, bonding with our families, oh boy this celebration of our graduation is surely memorable for us. 

Lastly, thanks for my mom and dad for this memorable night. Thank you for making me feel special. I love you.

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