Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Before my last school year ends, I met this group of people who are really awesome, namely Pamela, Johan, Mark, Chloe, Argel, Earl, and Dane. We were having a huge blast of happiness yesterday. Imagine we were mall hoping, first our plan was to go to Lucky Chinatown Mall, then before going home, we still went to SM City Sanlazaro. Ugh, I wished I'd only met this people earlier than this.


Those guys were the best, but before I forgot, we also had this mini photo shoot during our time at Lucky Chinatown Mall.

This are my two fashion friends. Namely Pamela and Mark. This two friends of mine really stood out in their pictures. 

Even if I'm already in college, I swear to myself, that I'll never forget this group of people, I love you all. Thanks for everything. 

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