Thursday, March 21, 2013


Finally, the day has come for us to enjoy, cherish the memories we have, and say thanks for the efforts and sacrifices our parents had done just for us. Because yesterday was our graduation day! And for me, I will never ever forget that marvelous event. Imagine, seeing your friends that doesn't even belong to your batch just to show their support for you. I'm so flattered.

Mom and Dad, thank you, thank you so much for everything, for your patience, love, care and for everything. I know I haven't been that such a good son for the both of you, but I never cease to fail my goal in life, which is to graduate and be able to get my diploma. This one is for the two of you, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be able to go up stage and be able to get my diploma. So thank you so much and I love you!

Here are some other highlights from that night's event;

    This is Karl, my ex. Lol. Haha surprised to see her there.

   If you could just imagine the joy from these guys as we,together, have already graduated.

   Our batch, singing our school song for the last time.

    I'm with Eden here. One of the Star of the Nights of our Promenade.

   This is Aina. One of my closest friend in my school. Well, closed until... never mind the story.                                                      

Before my day ended, I said this to my parents;

"I may have disappointed you today, but I'll make it up in the future. - College "

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